No Hassle Getaways

As a No Hassle Traveller, you know a great vacation can be as simple as hanging out with the people you love best. You love it when friends and family join you to leave your everyday stresses behind. You don’t need to go a long way or for a long time. Short getaways are just your kind of thing. You probably just plan the basics, like where you’ll sleep and how you’ll get there. Then you let each day unfold as it should. there’s nothing but possibilities and plenty of time ahead.

No Hassle Traveller, Similkameen Valley, EQ type

The Similkameen – No Hassle Traveller Style

Explore all the possibilities of the Similkameen — a short three-hour drive from Vancouver or Kelowna. Soaring mountain peaks, a narrow valley carved by the Similkameen River, with lots of wide-open spaces and friendly faces waiting to welcome you here. We’re a little off the beaten path, but still easy to get to, making it the perfect getaway you crave. When you come, make your motel or camping reservations in advance. Our accommodations here are similar to the Similkameen: rugged, rustic and…  real limited.

Bring the whole clan along for a Similkameen Valley vacation. Soak up the sun and the easy-going charm of the Similkameen River, playing by its shores. Bring your pop tent and a sleeping bag for everyone building campfires and warm summer memories of nights spent sleeping in the great outdoors. Slip away onto the trails once traveled by the Hudson Bay Brigade and discover hidden waterfalls, wildflower meadows and views as far as your eye can see. Choose your own adventure on a Geo-cache treasure hunt the whole brood will enjoy, taking the guesswork out of hiking, roaming wilderness trails in search of buried fortunes!

No Hassle Traveller, Similkameen Valley, EQ type

For the No Hassle Traveller We Suggest…

Soak up the good life

You just can’t beat a day at Bromley Rock. Park your chair by the sandy shore and watch as kids take turns jumping into the river, swimming and drifting the afternoon away. Catch up on the latest beach book or jump in yourself and feel the heat of the day melt away in cool running waters…escaping your daily routine, even for a little while can easily re-energize you.

Build warm summer memories

Join in a generations-long tradition, pitch a tent, build a campfire, roast wieners and marshmallows, perfect your version of the ideal S’more, and make warm family memories of nights spent sleeping together under the stars. We have six Provincial Parks and almost as many private RV campgrounds making a quick weekend getaway easy as pie.

Walk in the footsteps of history

The Hudson Bay Brigade, with the help of their First Nation’s guides, first blazed trails through the Similkameen in 1849. More than 150 km (92 mi) of trails were restored, creating a wilderness wonderland that’s easy to explore. Set off for an afternoon, a day or a multi-day trek. Breathe in the fresh air as you hike through old growth forests from Peers Creek to Tulameen. Round the corner and you’ll discover hidden waterfalls, tranquil streams and whispers of our fur-trading past.

A fortune hunt for the whole family

Geo-caching makes exploring on your own just that much more easy and fun…for the whole family. GPS coordinates guide you to hidden caches containing the treasures of the Similkameen…Billy Miner’s hidden stashes of gold, perhaps? There are 80 different caches in the Princeton/Tulameen/Coalmont area alone waiting for you to uncover them.