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Stay in the Similkameen

People visit the Similkameen to enjoy adventure-fuelled days, fresh mountain air, delicious wine and dark starry nights. To indulge all that we have to offer, you’re going to need a place for a great night’s rest. Lucky for you, there’s plenty of options, and with our countryside setting, all of our accommodations offer serene quiet. Whether you count stars or bighorn sheep, you’ll have no trouble slumbering, night after peaceful night.

Pick your accommodation to suit your needs We have a diverse range of places where you can lay your head at night. Choose from eclectic B&Bs, orchard and vineyard stays,  camping, cabins and RV sites, family-friendly motels, inns and lodges, an all season resort and more!

No matter where you lay your head, one thing’s guaranteed: hospitality as warm as a Similkameen summer.