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Special thanks to the Similkameen Valley Planning Society, Tourism Advisory Council, Visitor Centre staff, and our residents, businesses and supporters of the Similkameen for their help in supplying photos, history, story ideas and suggestions for the website. Without your help, support and passion for the Similkameen this project would not have been possible.

Many images were provided from the locals including professionals, hobby and fun photographers. These include Kim Lawton, ET2media, Similkameen Independent Winegrowers, Stephanie Ohles, Joan McMurray, Diane Sterne, Dierra Maynard, Joe Littlefield, Teshia Venables Marven, Angelique Wood, Vickie Hansen, Jessica Bradford, Janice Johnson, Alfred Snow, Amber Herbison, Ashley Mutch, Richard Padmos, Chantal Moreau, Dianne Jones, Dave Cursons, Lori Thomas, Kelley Cook, Nadine McEwen, Roger Hol, Matt Delaram, Sherri Ens, Jim Michaud, Amber Bond, John Weber, Rick Bacon and Kathy Hood.

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