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Savour Award Winning Similkameen

Come and taste our award-winning wines from our wineries, as well as great-tasting cider and wine vinegars. The Similkameen Valley is a remarkable experience. The wineries are down to earth, set in an incredible place, and they make great wine. What more can you ask for?

The Similkameen has a storied agricultural past, so it was only a matter of time before the people here figured out how to make world-class wine. Similkameen winemakers use traditional grapes and tree-ripened fruit to create their delicious wines and ciders. They are passionate about the land and their communities. Most of all, their passion comes through in what they produce, which is award-winning grape and fruit wines.

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Upcoming Similkameen wine events

Vineyards to explore
Vineyards to Explore

Seventeen Vineyards

Come and swirl, sniff, and sip your way across the valley at Similkameen wineries. There are several in and around Keremeos and Cawston. First of all, take your time, because there’s nothing rushed about wine tasting. There are so many special experiences here. It’s not just a one-day event. Plan for at least a few if you can! So come and discover why our wines have received regional, national and international awards. As a result of these awards, the Similkameen is recognized as one of BC’s best wine-growing regions. Many wineries in other parts of the province actually get their grapes from us, so you could say we’re kind of well-known.

Tasting – find your favourites
Tasting – Find Your Favourites

Taste Our Terroir

Hot, sun-soaked summers and windy days help create the perfect conditions for growing delicious grapes and fruit. Our unique terroir was created long ago when glaciers melted, creating a huge river bed. As the water receded, it left behind .5 to 1.5 m (2 to 5 ft) of loamy topsoil with calcium-covered river rocks underneath. Combine those elements with sustainable and organic farming practices, and you’ve got the ingredients for something special. Read more about the Similkameen terroir.

Wine tour
Wine Tour

Tours and Special Events

Similkameen wineries are open between April/May and October. In the winter, they are open for one special weekend in December. Our tasting rooms and special events provide intimate winery experiences in any season. The winemakers here love to answer your questions. Come on your own or with an organized tour. You’ll discover liquid assets with a whole lot of flavour here!

Be sure to take in the Seven Stones Experience tour when you visit their winery. Your tour starts in the vineyard, then takes you inside to learn how they make the wine. Then it’s off for the unique experience of barrel tasting in the caves. Another great thing about this tour is that it also has chocolate tasting and a unique underground audio experience.

While there is plenty to do here on any given day, there are many events at Similkameen wineries that celebrate our vintages. The Grist Mill and Gardens plays host to summer concerts. There are also Seven Stone’s Vertical Tastings held in their underground cave. In the winter, you can enjoy the Christmas Open Houses at the wineries. Celebrate Similkameen wines with us.

Check out our calendar of events or the Similkameen Independent Wine Growers for a list of seasonal celebrations.

By Season

Making great wine is a year-round job. Winemakers are busy in the winter. They must plan next year’s vintages and harvest grapes for ice-wine. Visit in the spring, and you’ll see our viticulturists working the rows. They tuck and tie the vines to create optimal conditions to concentrate flavours. Summer is the height of sipping season. Our tasting rooms are full of visitors experiencing the unique wines of the Similkameen. Our busiest time of year is in the fall, with the grape and tree fruit harvest. It’s also when the annual crush begins.

Learn about wine making
Learn About Winemaking

Wine Tasting and Local Pairings

Our hot summers and valley winds create the perfect conditions for growing great grapes. Add well-drained soil and organic farming processes. Now you know our recipe for mighty fine wines, fruit wines and ciders.

You can find the flavours of our valley in tasting rooms that double as winemakers’ living rooms. You’ll also find them on sun-drenched patios while cowboys wrangle horses in paddocks below. Come and relax under the shade of a 100-year old apple tree. Pack a picnic and sit on the shore of the river while you watch eagles circle above you. Our tasting experiences are like the Similkameen Valley itself: rugged, rustic and real.

Great wine is better when paired with great food! Spend your morning collecting your picnic ingredients from our fruit stands and farmers’ markets. Once you’re done, take a winery tour of the Similkameen. Most wineries have a license for picnicking. For something more substantial, try a traditional European-inspired, family-style lunch served at the Crowsnest Vineyard.

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Clos du Soleil Vineyard.png
2568 Upper Bench Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
Come visit our beautiful artisan winery & estate vineyard on the Upper Bench of the South Similkameen Valley. We specialize in super-premium quality wines which borrow an aesthetic from thsee more
gate shot.jpg
2582 Upper Bench Road, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
Corcelettes Estate Winery, located in the Similkameen Valley, blends passion, precision and science to craft expressive, small lot premium wines. Led by Charlie and Jesce Baessler, the skillesee more
Crowsnest Vineyards.jpg
2035 Surprise Drive, Cawston, BC V0X 1C0
Crowsnest Vineyards is nestled in the Similkameen Valley on the Upper Bench near Cawston. This site has a wonderful view of the surrounding Mountains and gorgeous evening sun. The winery, whicsee more
Eau Vivre Winery.jpg
716 Lowe Dr, Cawston, BC V0X 1C2, Canada
250-499-2655 Cell: 250-499-9405250-499-2655 Cell: 250-499-9405
We invite you to savour the wines from our family-run boutique winery, in Cawston, in the Heart of the Similkameen Valley.  At Eau Vivre Winery and Vineyards we are committed to handcrafting ssee more
Forbidden Fruit Winery.jpg
620 Sumac Rd, Cawston, BC V0X 1C3
A must stop thru the world of temptation, Forbidden Fruit Winery is dedicated to producing wines from certified organic fruit and eco friendly production practices. Our winery has garnered ovesee more
Hugging Tree Winery.jpg
2505 Upper Bench Road, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
We are an independent family owned and operated farm nestled in the mountainside of the enchanting Similkameen Valley. Here we have our labour of love, whether it is nurturing our trees in oursee more
Little Farm Winery.png
2155 Newton Rd, Cawston, BC V0X 1C1, Canada
Rhys: 250-317-8796 Alishan: 250-506-0096Rhys: 250-317-8796 Alishan: 250-506-0096
Little Farm Winery is the small hands-on operation of Rhys Pender MW and Alishan Driediger. It started with a passion for wine and developed into growing and producing Chardonnay and Riesling see more
2152 Barcelo Rd, Cawston, BC V0X 1C2, Canada
Orofino is a family-run winery producing small lots of award-winning wines. Our winery was built using unique eco-friendly straw-bale construction techniques. Visit our solar powered tasting rsee more
2686 Middle Bench Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N2, Canada
Robin Ridge Winery is located in the stunning Similkameen Valley. Our 100% estate organically grown fruit is crafted into small quantities of high quality wine through attention to detail fromsee more
Rustic Roots Winery.jpg
2238 Hwy 3, Cawston, BC V0X 1C2, Canada
Office: 250-499-2751 Wine shop: 250-499-2754Office: 250-499-2751 Wine shop: 250-499-2754
Rustic Roots Winery is part of Harkers  5th Generation Organic Family Farm in the Heart of Cawston. All of our wines are produced with 100% Certified Organic Tree Fruits allowing us to create see more
Seven Stones Winery.jpg
1143 Hwy 3, Cawston, BC V0X 1C3, Canada
Seven Stones Winery cultivates 20 acres of bench land overlooking BC’s spectacular Similkameen River Valley. Winemaker/Owner George Hanson has created award-winning French-style wines tsee more
SWA 2016.jpg
PO Box 246 Keremeos BC Canada V0X 1N0
The Similkameen Wineries Association is now Similkameen Independent Winegrowers as part of our brand evolution! Soak up the sunshine and dare to dream while meandering through the vineyards ofsee more
St Laszlo Vineyards.jpg
2605 Highway 3, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N1, Canada
1090 Highway 3, Cawston, BC, Canada
Vanessa Vineyard is located in one of the finest wine regions in Canada and is dedicated to producing wine that is true to the heritage of its terroir. Situated on the hillside overlooking thesee more