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Discover the Charms of The Grist Mill & Gardens in Keremeos

Step into the enchanting past with a visit to The Grist Mill and Gardens, a captivating Provincial Heritage Site. Nestled in Keremeos, this site boasts the distinction of being the last operational waterwheel flour mill in British Columbia, dating back to 1877. Immerse yourself in history with your family for a day filled with immersive experiences, guided by our knowledgeable staff committed to ensuring your enjoyment. Witness the mesmerizing process of grains being transformed into flour, explore vibrant gardens, savor a delightful lunch, peruse our gift shop, have a picturesque picnic on the sprawling grounds, or partake in a special event. Extend your stay at the family-friendly campground, tucked away in the shade alongside the serene Keremeos Creek.

Top Things to Do at the Grist Mill

  1. Savour the tasty baked goods made from freshly ground flour
  2. Enjoy scratch-made food at the tea room cafe or picnic on the grounds
  3. Camp or relax by Keremeos Creek
  4. Watch the authentic watermill in action
  5. Attend a special event
  6. Tour the heritage orchard and gardens
  7. Browse the giftshop for locally made goods
  8. Take part in the Heritage Fall Fair
  9. Book a historic themed birthday party or your wedding!

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The historic mill
The Historic Mill

Engaging Tours and Memorable Events

Throughout the year, The Grist Mill hosts a variety of exciting events, including live music performances, celebrations for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Canada Day. In the summer, embrace the charm of old-fashioned handi-crafts during our sheep to shawl fibre arts weekend. Immerse yourself in workshops dedicated to traditional food craft, heritage gardening, and the farm-to-table fresh food experience.

As autumn descends, take part in the Heritage Fall Fair, Apple Day festivities, and the Heritage Harvest dinner, all guaranteed to attract enthusiastic crowds. Even in the winter, our community bonfires and workshops keep the spirit of The Grist Mill alive.

Grist Mill museum
Grist Mill Museum

The Grist Mill Gardens: A Culinary and Visual Delight

The bakery at the Grist Mill is a must-do! You really can taste the Similkameen with their buttery scones, delicious jams, and fresh garden fruits and vegetables grown right onsite or at neighbouring farms. Pickup some Similkameen deliciousness to take home. The colourful heritage flowers and other plants you see here are living artifacts from times gone by. There’s a herb garden and an orchard loaded with heritage apples, wheat and other grains waving in the breeze, and a vegetable garden that grows peppers and several vegetables, including gigantic heritage. Zucca Melons can grow fruit weighing upwards of 68 kg! (150 lbs.)

The Grist Mill gardens
The Gardens