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The Sky is the Limit

If you’re looking for wide-open spaces, we’ve got room for you. It doesn’t matter if you want an extreme outdoor experience, a family-friendly adventure, or simply a spot to take in the view. Whether you’re on two wheels or four, on horseback or on foot, in hip-waders or a kayak. Bring your hiking boots, your mountain bikes, your water wings, your fishing rods, your sunglasses…and join us in this beautiful valley.

One of the true treasures of our valley is to see wildlife, be sure to watch for bighorn sheep, mountain goats, mule deer, eagles, elk, moose and bears. Princeton’s Swan Lake Nature Reserve offers visitors marked trails, bird blinds, a small lake surrounded by a riparian zone, and an abundance of wildflowers and wildlife. Explore the richness of our diverse ecosystem and view the protected grasslands of the Similkameen.

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