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Fresh from the Farm

We grow good eats in the Similkameen! We have an abundance of fruit stands & orchards here. The easiest way to taste the Similkameen is to spend time experiencing our family-run fruit stands and roadside markets. Some of these fruit stands and markets have been here for more than a century. You’ll see them as you drive down Hwy. 3 around Keremeos and Cawston. Fruit stand after fruit stand brimming with seasonal displays that create a rainbow of colour.

Top Ways to Experience the Fruit Stand Capital of Canada

  1. Wander the open-air markets discovering what’s fresh and best by season
  2. Bring your shopping list for all the ingredients for canning and preserving food at the height of its flavour
  3. Sample delectable Samosas, Pakoras and a full range of curries at select roadside markets in Keremeos
  4. Introduce yourself to the grower manning the till. They’ll be glad to tell you what’s been picked and delivered just that morning
  5. Savour a slice of fresh pie from tree-ripened fruit… grown and baked steps from the market
  6. Try on exotic East Indian fashions at Sandersons Fruit Stand in Keremeos
  7. Bring your camera along. Each fruit stand and market is full of interesting subjects to capture
  8. Sample locally made preserves, jams, chutneys and vinegar; they’re a flavourful reminder of your time in the Similkameen
  9. Discover just how many kinds of heirloom tomatoes are grown in the Similkameen (go ahead and guess, you’ll never believe it!)
  10. Sample as many peppers as possible and attend the Similkameen Sizzle in September! Canada’s only Hot Pepper Festival.

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As fresh as fresh can be
As Fresh as Fresh Can Be

Fruit Stands & Orchards

In the spring, you’ll already find produce at our open-air markets. You’ll also see orchards awash with blooms. Step out of your car, and you can smell the freshness of just-picked fruit and vegetables perfuming the air. Grab a basket and start loading up on whatever is in season. Don’t be surprised if you bump into a grower or two. They’ll be more than happy to point out what’s just been picked and delivered that morning.

Fall harvest cornucopia
Fall Harvest Cornucopia

More than Produce

You’d naturally expect fruit and veggie stands to sell just that very thing! Some of our markets are a little bit exotic and are representative of our community. You can purchase East Asian fashions, Indian pakoras, homemade samosas and a full range of curries. Taste the flavour of the valley in our tree-ripened fruit pies at fruit stands and roadside markets. Be sure to pick up a jar of Orchard Blossom Honey, a Similkameen staple gracing tables for more than 50 years. Taste just-made jams, fresh fruit preserves and chutneys for a sweet sample of the Similkameen.

Orchards full of goodness
Orchards Full of Goodness

Choosing Produce from Fruit Stands & Orchards

When choosing your produce, go by ripeness, weight, and how far you have to drive to get them home.  This ensures your fruits and vegetables retain their freshness, no matter when they’ll be canned or cooked. If you can’t make it to Keremeos or Cawston, check out the weekly farmer’s markets in Princeton and Hedley from June to the end of September.

Find your favourite apple
Find Your Favourite Apple

Organic Farming Capital of Canada

Sustainable farming is important to the food cultivators of the Similkameen. Earning the title of Canada’s Organic Farming Capital isn’t a feat to be scoffed at. Over 40% of our farms are organically certified, with that number growing every year! We grow over 200 kinds of peppers, more than 30 different field-grown heirloom tomatoes, several different types of cherries, pumpkins, and corn. And we also grow just about every type of tree fruit you can imagine. Many farmers sell right from their gate with a smile on their faces. If they don’t, you can always hit a fruit stand to find their bounty. So stop by to see what’s been freshly harvested.

Another thing the Similkameen is famous for is our own sweet Ambrosia apples. They were discovered in an orchard in Cawston. The tree had grown from a chance seedling and produced a crisp, sweet apple that was slow to brown. Our culinary pioneers first cultivated this seedling right here in the valley. Since it was first discovered in the 1990s, people have fallen in love with it. As a result of its popularity, the Ambrosia apple is now available around the world.

Whether you’re building a picnic for your calorie-burning hike or a savoury repast for your winery tour, it’s easy to satisfy your craving for fresh from the garden goodness right here in the Similkameen.

Tasting Notes

NectarinesSweet and succulentJuly to August
PeachesSweet and succulentJuly to September
Sunrise AppleSweet yet tartAugust to September
Prune PlumsSweet and succulentMid-August to September
MacIntosh AppleRich and tangySeptember
Royal Gala AppleSweet and succulentSeptember
Ambrosia AppleSweet and CrispLate September to October
Jonagold AppleSweetOctober
Red Delicious AppleSweet and mildly tartOctober
Spartan AppleSweet and succulentOctober
Nicola AppleSweet and aromaticmid-October
Granny Smith AppleTart and tangylate October
Honey Crisp AppleSweetOctober to December
Organic is the only way to go
Organic is the Only Way to Go

Operator Directory

View Fruit Stands & Orchards Operator Map

Blush Lane Organic Orchard.jpg
3105 Hwy 3, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N1, Canada
Situated 1 km west of the village of Keremeos, our orchard and fruit stand is an inviting stop while traveling through the BC Interior, Okanagan, or along the Crowsnest Hwy. At the Blush Lane see more
gate shot.jpg
2582 Upper Bench Road, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
Corcelettes Estate Winery, located in the Similkameen Valley, blends passion, precision and science to craft expressive, small lot premium wines. Led by Charlie and Jesce Baessler, the skillesee more
Daves Farm Fresh Fruits and Veggies.jpg
320 7th Ave, Keremeos, BC, Canada
3045 Hwy 3, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N1, Canada
We invite you to visit us at Gerry’s Fruit and Veg where we are known for our wide assortment of locally grown fruits and vegetables. Enjoy a cup of coffee and a smile while walking arousee more
Harkers Organic Fruit Ranch.jpg
2238 Hwy 3, Cawston BC Canada V0X 1C2
Harker’s Organics is a 5th Generational Organic Family Farm located in the Heart of Cawston, Canada’s Organic Capital. We grow a total of 18 acres of tree fruit and 12 acres of grsee more
Hugging Tree Winery.jpg
2505 Upper Bench Road, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
We are an independent family owned and operated farm nestled in the mountainside of the enchanting Similkameen Valley. Here we have our labour of love, whether it is nurturing our trees in oursee more
Parsons Fruit Stand.jpg
110 7th Ave, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N3, Canada
Parsons Farm Market is a 4th generation family farm in Keremeos, British Columbia, Canada. The Parsons family have been farming in the Similkameen Valley since 1908 – making Parsons one of thesee more
990 Keremeos Bypass Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N0
-Locally grown Fruits and Vegetables -Home Baked Goods -Fresh Fruit Milkshakes -Ciders -Honey -Fruit Vinegars -Wholesale pricing available see more
2686 Middle Bench Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N2, Canada
Robin Ridge Winery is located in the stunning Similkameen Valley. Our 100% estate organically grown fruit is crafted into small quantities of high quality wine through attention to detail fromsee more
Sanderson Farms.jpg
3059 Hwy 3, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N1, Canada
250-499-2215 Samosa Gardens: 250-499-2700250-499-2215 Samosa Gardens: 250-499-2700
Find locally grown fruit and vegetables at the fruitstand, along with fresh fruit milkshakes, homemade fruit pies, jams and home canning. Also available are juices, ciders, honey, fruit vinegasee more
SS Produce.jpg
960 Bypass Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N2, Canada
We grow what we sell! Peaches, Cherries, Apricots, Pears, Apples, Nectarines, Plums, Prunes Garlic, Peppers, Tomatoes, Squash, Pumpkins, Eggplant, Corn, Zucchini see more
tvw and tractor.JPG
669 Kurtz Road, Cawston, BC V0C 1C2
Vinegar is a flavour enhancer that has been used for hundreds of years to add acidity to cooking, waking up the diner’s palate so that the food flavours can be better appreciated. To make vinesee more
Tree to Me.jpg
1217 Highway 3A Keremeos BC Canada V0X 1N4
Come visit the Similkameen’s newest family farm market.  A treasure for children of all ages. We have a farmer’s market with bakery and coffee shop as well as accommodations and B&see more
Boundary Country
725 Mackenzie Road, Cawston, BC, Canada
Dry, fruit forward ciders made on the Klippers Organic Farm and served at Row Fourteen Restaurant. see more
VenAmour Organics.jpg
620 Sumac Road, Cawston, BC V0X 1C3
Visit today’s ”Garden of Eden” at Ven’Amour Organics, one of the oldest operating family organic farms in the Similkameen Valley. We have been producing 60 varieties of sustainablesee more