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Taste Your Way Through the Similkameen

Don’t let our laid-back style and rustic setting fool you. There’s something special going on in the Similkameen. We have a wealth of food & wine in our farms, orchards, wineries, and at the eclectic eateries that you’ll find throughout the Similkameen Valley. We also have a cidery and a place that makes wine vinegar. Our culinary pioneers attract others of a like mind. People are drawn by fresh, organic ingredients and delicious wines. Come and enjoy unique dining in the most gorgeous of settings.

Fresh Fruits

You can smell the freshness of just-picked fruit perfuming the air in orchards and farmer’s markets throughout the Similkameen. This is where buying fresh and local is as easy as pulling off to the side of the road and getting out of your car.

Food & Wine Region

Our wine region may be small, but we’ve garnered hundreds of awards in wine competitions. Come and drink in the Similkameen at our boutique, family-run wineries in Keremeos and Cawston. You can picnic at some wineries and have delicious meals at others. It’s arguably one of the best ways to enjoy the flavours of our valley. Stop in at the local Visitor Centre for help on finding the string of experiences that is right for you.

Come and experience the tastes of the Similkameen for yourself.