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Seasons of the Similkameen

Spring in the Similkameen Valley

We have your prescription for spring fever. Take a spoonful of Similkameen Valley honey and add copious amounts of fresh air. Explore from Keremeos and Cawston’s fruit stands to the wild grass meadows of Princeton’s cattle country. Everywhere you go, you’ll find the air is alive with the honeyed song of bees.

Spring means it’s time for the start of BC rodeo season. Don’t be surprised to see 10-gallon hats and oversized belt buckles around town. The Similkameen River runs wild at this time of year. It rushes from its headwaters at Manning Park, past the orchards and Similkameen Valley wineries near Keremeos. Guided tours start operating again, showcasing the best of the valley.

British Columbia is alive in spring and no more so than at China Ridge and Cathedral Provincial Park. The hiking trails begin to reveal themselves to explorers who’ve waited all winter to experience the best of BC.

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Summer in the Similkameen Valley

Nothing quite sizzles like the Similkameen Valley in summer. It is the perfect place for fishing, floating, kayaking or canoeing the Similkameen River.

Discover the flavour of the Similkameen by the glass as you tour wineries. Discover the best of the Similkameen on private guided tours. Find a new appreciation for old-fashioned music at the Princeton Traditional Music Festival. Run the Fat Dog 120 or the Ultraman Canada endurance race and discover the exhilaration of pushing beyond your limits.

The Similkameen comes alive in summer. Join the wandering wildlife and avid explorers, hiking and cycling mountain and valley trails. The fruit stands and farmers markets between Keremeos and Cawston burst with fresh-picked produce, straight from our fields. Explore the link between British Columbia’s First Nations and our prospecting past at heritage sites and museums in Keremeos, Hedley and Princeton.

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Fall in the Similkameen Valley

Fall is golden in the Similkameen. Days are shorter, but they’re still nice and warm. You’re sure to encounter spectacular wildlife migrating through the valley as you hike our mountain trails. The Similkameen’s Organic orchards hang heavy with soon-to-be-harvested fruit. Picking is a daily occurrence in the fall, and a visit to Keremeos’ fruit stands and farmers markets will have you hauling bushels and baskets of ready-to-be-canned fruits and vegetables grown right here in the Similkameen Valley.

Come on your own or on a guided tour and discover why the Similkameen Sizzles like no place else, and come back for the harvest and crush and rekindle your love for all things wine.

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Winter in the Similkameen Valley

Embrace the chill when winter wraps its arms around the Similkameen Valley. Winter may be the chilliest of seasons, but it creates a wondrous setting where mountains are covered in tons of snowy white awesomeness. This makes it perfect for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing China Ridge Trails.

It’s tranquil here this time of year: perfect for playing outside. When you visit in the winter, you’ll discover a valley chock full of adventures. Pick one that suits you: mild, wild or somewhere in between. From snowmobiling the Similkameen’s backcountry to downhill skiing at Manning Park, fun awaits you. While the ice is solid, get in on a pick-up game of shinny. You can also attend the holiday open houses at wineries between Keremeos and Cawston. Finally, don’t miss the light-ups that take place in our towns along the way.

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