Carved by the River

In the eternal struggle to get away from it all, the Similkameen offers travellers something just a little different. This land is off the beaten path, eclectic, out there and edgy. This is our story, a story that’s scenically stunning and full of natural wonders. There’s a pioneering spirit here. It leads to countless opportunities for personal discovery; plain and simple.

Similkameen River sunset

Where We Are

We are on the edge of the Thompson-Okanagan Region of British Columbia. You’ll find us just above the US border, bounded by the Okanagan Valley and the Lower Mainland. The Similkameen is a rugged, rustic and real under-discovered region made for adventurous self-explorers. Vast and varied, it’s almost 200 kilometres (125 mi) long.

Similkameen River view

The heart of our valley is the Similkameen River, which carved our valley from the Cascade Mountains. As you drive through our valley you’ll notice eclectic small towns, sizeable ranches and farms. You’ll also find our valley is home to adventures both mild and wild. We’re are home to the Fruit Stand Capital and the Organic Farming Capital of Canada. In addition, we are also home to an award winning wine region.

Our Story, The Similkameen Valley

How to Find Us

Follow BC Highway 3 from the Allison Pass to the Richter Pass and you’ll find yourself smack in the Similkameen Valley. Glimpses of our prospecting, First Nation and pioneering past are still evident today, in towns and villages and heritage sites all across the valley. Follow the highway through rolling ranch and farmlands to the fragile grasses of northern tip of the Columbia Plateau. Follow our story as you follow the river the whole length of your journey, in the shadow of the Cascade Mountains. You won’t be the first to pull over for a picture. Time and the elements have shorn the mountains into craggy, jagged peaks, lending a breathtaking backdrop for your visit. There are plenty of roadside sightings and photo opportunities of eagles, mountain goats and Big Horned sheep.

Driving in the Similkameen Valley

Stop to ask directions and you’ll find yourself getting to know local folks up close and personal and, even if you just drive by, don’t forget to wave back…we still do that here. It’s the kind of laid-back place where unique and unforgettable experiences often surprise you, but don’t be surprised by our hospitality; it’s almost as warm as our Similkameen summers.

Our Story, The Similkameen Valley

Our Story of Sensational Seasons

Ask anyone what’s shakin’ around here and the answer will depend on the season. There’s no wrong time to visit. Winter is our “off” season, but that simply means you’ll be “off” the highway playing in the snow in no time at all. Summer really sizzles with countless events and almost as many recreational choices as there are mountains and lakes to play in. For full immersion fun, come in the spring when the valley’s in bloom and rivers run their fastest, or visit in fall for harvest events, samplings of some of the best wines in BC at our local vineyards and just-baked pies made of fruit picked just that morning.

Hiking on China Ridge

It took Mother Nature 200 million years to create this place. It’s time you saw it for yourself. Free of crowds, rich in natural wonders and local flavours, the Similkameen Valley is waiting for you!