Summer Fun in the Similkameen

You may run out of time before running out of things to do…

Summer really sizzles in the Similkameen, when the days are extra long and the mercury climbs north of 40 degrees. There’s tons of summer fun with adventures around every corner. You may run out of time before you run out of ways to fill your days in the Valley.Swimming in the river, Summer in the Similkameen

Discover our mountains on adventure-filled days hiking, mountain biking, or ATVing our wilderness trails. You won’t be alone on those trails though; our mountains are alive with meandering wildlife migrating to higher elevations all summer long.

Play on our shores! Our river and lakes offer up a variety of ways to cool down in the summer. Plunge into the river, drifting and tubing slow running currents. Tour the whole valley by kayak or canoe, then drop in your line and see what’s biting; fishing is legendary around here.

Challenge yourself and explore the Similkameen competing in trail races like the Fat Dog 120 and the Ultra520 Canada, two legendary trail races that run through the Similkameen in summer.

Summer is when our fruit stands and farmers’ markets throw open their doors tempting you in to taste cherries and tomatoes still warm from the sun. Explore on your own or have our knowledgeable guides take you on a tour.

Festivals and Events

Summer is also one the best times to throw a party and we have no shortage of those either, From rodeos to winery events to Tulameen Days to the Traditional Music Festival, we have lots to celebrate around here! So don’t just dream about the Similkameen in summer, come for a visit for some summer fun and bring your sunscreen for one heck of a scorching good time!

Play in our Mountains

Mountains are made for playing and for those who love to roam free, we have plenty of territory to cover! Stroll, hike, bike or ride, folks have been lacing up their boots, playing on our mountain trails since long before the Hudson Bay Brigade blazed through Tulameen in 1849. Renew your appreciation of nature hiking or riding our endless trail system from Manning Park to Cawston (and points in between), through an ancient mountain landscape that’s as diverse as it is breathtaking.

Play in our Rivers and Lakes

Splash down in our lakes and rivers for sun-drenched fun, complete with wrinkled fingers and toes. When the heat of the day sends your temperatures soaring, let our cool rushing river wash your cares away by tubing or drifting from the historic Red Bridge to Keremeos’ Pine Park. Dip your gold pan or fishing rod in any of our rivers and you’re bound to find treasure — flecks of gold or a trophy sized trout, the experience of spending some time on the river is a priceless tradition shared by generations of families.

Fruit Stands, Orchards and Farmers Markets

Fresh air and fresh food — the two go hand in hand and in the Similkameen, we’ve got plenty of both! With more than 100 organically certified farms and the fruit stand capital of Canada in Keremeos, it’s easy to see why people have flocked here over the years, connecting with the growers who raise their food, sampling from farm gates and fruit stands along the way. Tour Cawston’s organic farms and learn how our sustainable farming practices earned us the title of the organic farming capital of Canada, then settle in for a bite of lunch with your farm hosts who’re happy to share their table and tales of life in the valley.

Wine Touring

Spend the morning collecting your picnic ingredients then winery hop all afternoon, pairing just harvested snacks with award-winning Similkameen wine. Our blistering summers and persistent winds help create the perfect conditions for growing great grapes in vineyards clustered between Keremeos and Cawston. Discover for yourself why Similkameen wines have garnered so many awards over the years. Our wineries also host a variety of summer fun events throughout the season.

Horseback riding

Our Heritage

It’s easy to walk in the footsteps of history in the Similkameen. We’ve managed to capture our prospecting, ranching and First Nations history in museums and historic sites all across the valley, creating a legacy for generations to come.