Play in Our Rivers and Lakes

Splash down in our rivers and lakes for sun-drenched fun, complete with wrinkled fingers and toes. There are plenty of ways to get wet here! Enjoy waterfalls swollen with spring run-off, lazy rivers and peaceful lakes. Plunge right in for adventures in their natural, liquid state!

Canoeing on Lightning Lake, Manning Park

Floating, Rafting & Boating

There are plenty of ways to float your boat around here. Explore the valley from the comfort of your kayak or canoe. Skim along the Similkameen River, content in the knowledge it’s just you, Mother Nature and the sound of your paddle.

River floating

Spring is the best time to raft Similkameen River. It’s then when spring run-off makes the rapids run faster, creating a class II to IV white water ride.

Folks have been floating and drifting the Similkameen River for generations. It is one of the most popular activities in our valley. Grab an inner tube or even a blow-up air mattress and plunge right in!

Bromley Rock

Playing by the Shore

Jump right in! The 50-foot Bromley Rock creates the perfect launch pad for cliff jumpers to plunge into the watery depths below. Whether you take an organized tour, or wade in on your own anywhere along our rivers, try your hand at gold panning the Similkameen and Tulameen Rivers for treasures beneath the water. Drop by the Princeton Visitors’ Centre for information and maps on where to find public gold panning areas.

Lake fishing in the Similkameen Valley

Fishing & Wildlife

Anglers have been lured to our rivers and lakes since time immemorial. Fresh water fishing is easily accessible from many sites along BC Highways 3 and 5A; summer or winter, there’s plenty to catch in Similkameen waters.

Our rivers and lakes are magnates for migrating wildlife, making sitting by their shores wildlife viewing a favoured pastime. Some of the characters that migrate through our valley include herds of California Big Horned Sheep, mountain goats, black bears, elk, deer, moose, eagles, hawks and countless species of bird life.