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First Nations Culture in the Similkameen Valley

When you travel through the Similkameen Valley, you’re traversing territory that has been home to First Nations for millennia. The Similkameen Valley is the ancestral, traditional and unceded territory of the Syilx Nation, and is home to the Upper Similkameen Indian Band—the Similamix People—and the Lower Similkameen Indian Band—the Smelqmix People. They have a rich » MORE

Fall In The Similkameen … A Feast For The Senses

Are you ready for the kaleidoscope of colours and flavours on your next vacation? Then you’re ready for fall in the Similkameen Valley… Few places put on a more dazzling – yet serene – show of Mother Nature’s finest than this beautiful, fertile valley. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, with friends or family, » MORE

Must-DO Similkameen Fishing Destinations

Whether you are an expert angler who seeks out backcountry adventure year-round or a recreational fisherman who wants to share time with family or friends, Similkameen fishing adventures promise an abundance of opportunities, no matter the season or your skill level. Here’s a quick guide to the best places to fish in the Similkameen Valley. » MORE

Top 5 Hiking Spots in the Similkameen Valley

Some of the most spectacular hiking spots can be found in this oasis nestled in the Cascade Mountains. If you enjoy the great outdoors, there’s a great chance you’ll find a trail suited to your skill level and sense of adventure. Here are five of the best places to enjoy Similkameen trails: Top 5 Hiking » MORE

5 Great Ways to Enjoy Winter in the Similkameen

Are you a four-seasons fun seeker? Then you should explore winter in the Similkameen Valley! From back-country skiing to winter winery gatherings, there’s a unique experience waiting for you. Here are just a few of the activities you can enjoy… to find out more, explore our website. 5 Great Winter Adventures To Try In The » MORE

8 Instagram Worthy Sites to Visit in the Similkameen

Do you enjoy taking frame-worthy photos on vacation? Sharing your travel adventures on Instagram? It can be fun to hang memories of your vacation on the wall when you get home…and for your followers to see new sights, get inspired, and learn a little something along the way. The Similkameen Valley is carpeted with photo-worthy » MORE