Play in our Mountains

It’s easy to fall head over hiking boots in love with the Similkameen. Once you discover our mountains, it will be hard to leave. Come and play in our valley and climb our mountains. Come and connect with our ancient landscapes like the explorers of days gone by. Hike from rolling hills to rocky outcrops, alpine meadows to jagged peaks, historic footpaths to alpine summits. Set your mobile devices to roam and head off on an adventure as dramatic as the landscape that surrounds you.Mountain trail in the Similkameen Valley


For some, counting the stars is more important than thread count. You will find six Provincial Parks nestled along scenic lakes and rivers in the Similkameen. They offer drive-in camping and tenting experiences and plenty of stars overhead. You’ll go to sleep and wake up to fresh mountain air and impressive vistas. Mountain view selfie high above the Similkameen Valley


Hike Cathedral Provincial Park or the China Ridge Trails, the KVR or the HBC Trail or the trails at Manning Park and you’ll discover mountains so tall, you can’t see around them. Back country trails outside of the parks are perfect for playing in too.

Hiking China Ridge

Mountain Biking

Like your fun with a set of phat tires? Mountain bikers love the trails at China Ridge and the Kettle Valley Railway!

Mountain Biking China Ridge

Winter Fun

Are you a rider, slider or glider? If so, you will find plenty of unplugged fun at Manning Park Resort’s downhill and cross-country ski trails. In addition, China Ridge Trails feature another 60 kilometres of Nordic fun.

Nordic skiing - China Ridge

Natural Features

Rock hounds, prepare to be richly rewarded with great deposits of rhodonite, jasper, agate and petrified wood in the nooks and crannies of our mountains. Our park is filled with lots of natural characters, making wildlife and wildflower viewing a favoured pastime. Some of the creatures that make this place home are migrating herds of California Big Horned Sheep, mountain goats, black bears, elk, deer, and moose. It’s also home to eagles, hawks and countless species of bird life.

Wildlife viewing - Mountain Goats