China Ridge — Trails that go on Forever

Remember the days when sharing, friending and liking took place in person, with other people? Well at China Ridge Trails it still does! Just off of BC Highway 3 or 5A at Princeton’s backdoor, you’ll discover a big, wide playground of grassy slopes and reforested areas. Folks have been playing at “the Ridge” for years. It’s here they get their fill of chills and thrills cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, horseback riding, mountain biking and hiking trails that seem to go on forever.

China Ridge, Similkameen ValleyThere are 45 kilometres of well-maintained hiking, skiing and riding trails winding through the Ridge and 19 un-groomed trails. This makes them some of the most extensive and easily accessible trails in the Similkameen Valley. Ride, slide, glide or hike our uncrowded trails and rekindle your love of the outdoors, just by playing around in our woods.

Hiking - China Ridge


From a leisurely stroll to a challenging hike, it’s possible you could spend days hiking China Ridge without encountering another soul, but the fun of China Ridge is sharing it with others. Come alone or with a group, but head out in the early morning, when the valley is still shrouded in fog, and you’ll likely hear the lonesome bugle of elk calling their mate.  Hike the Ridge and discover life above the clouds where the sun is shining and the sky is so big you can see clear to the Coquihalla Range.China Ridge, Similkameen Valley

Mountain Biking

Who knew getting dirty could be so much fun? For those that prefer two wheels to two feet, there are 10 kilometres of phat tire nirvana just waiting for you here. Forget going to the spa! Out here, ladies like to grab their suspension bikes and hit the rails for a mountain-size workout, getting down and dirty riding the Ridge. Come along for the ride and cool off at the summit with ice-cold bevies and savoury treats. Then head home; tired, dirty and happy. You’ve ridden where four wheels would never allow you to go.

Nordic Skiing, China Ridge

Nordic Skiing

Beautiful in summer, China Ridge dazzles in winter. Bluebird sky days and dry, powdery snow create the perfect setting for family-friendly winter fun. Bundle up for the elements and grab your skinny skis and we’ll see you on the trails! Die-hard romantics delight in winter picnics deep in the woods with a moonlit ski out. Follow the fresh laid tracks of rabbit and the occasional wandering moose.

China Ridge, Similkameen Valley

Dog Friendly

Another great thing about China Ridge is that it is dog friendly. Daytime or night time, under the bright winter sun or the light of a silvery moon, nothing beats skiing fresh tracks on new-fallen snow. It makes it even better when you can share the experience with man’s best friend. We have 20 kilometres of K-9 trails, so bring Fido along to frolic in the snow.

Open year-round, there’s always something happening at China Ridge Trails. Check out our events page for a guaranteed good time.