Come Play in Our Backyard

We like to keep things real in the Similkameen. When it comes to how we play, we like to keep that real too. We invite you to come hike, bike and play in our backyard. Imagine the thrill as you climb our mountains and take in breathtaking vistas. Then explore our valley and discover an unbridled wilderness with adventures as wide as our western skies.

Four Seasons of Fun

For some sun-drenched fun, come and visit in the spring and summer and splash about in our lakes and rivers. Make sure you bring your canoe or kayak, your fishing rods and your golf clubs. The Similkameen River is a great place to explore, relax and fish. There are dozen of lakes within a short distance of wherever you are in the Similkameen. We have pretty mild winters here, so you can golf from March to October. Autumn brings a whole new set of things to do. Harvest season means it’s time for us to share our bounty with you. In the winter, get out your downhill and cross country skis, and your snowshoes and come explore our winter wonderland.

Celebration Time

We invite you to dig into our past and celebrate our heritage. You never know what you’ll uncover about the people who helped form this land. We love to share our grapes and wines, and don’t forget our fruits and fresh produce. Our music festivals and year round events are another way to get to know the people of our valley, and what we love to celebrate.

No matter how or where you play in the Similkameen, make sure you’re playing for keeps.