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China Ridge — Trails that go on Forever

China Ridge, aka “the Ridge” has been an action-adventure favourite for years, and after visiting, it is easy to see why. Just 5 miles (8.5 km) northwest of Princeton, the Ridge has expansive grounds that feature rolling, grassy slopes, and a wide array of foliage. China Ridge appeases adventure-seekers. In the colder months when snow blankets the ground, the Ridge hosts cross-country skiers, snowshoers, skijorers, and tobogganers. After the snow melts, the trails are used for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking! In our humble opinion, you should try it in both seasons.

There are 45 kilometres of well-maintained hiking, skiing and riding trails winding through the Ridge and 19 un-groomed trails. This makes them some of the most extensive and easily accessible trails in the Similkameen Valley. Ride, slide, glide or hike our uncrowded trails and rekindle your love of the outdoors, just by playing around in our woods.

For more information see below and check out the China Ridge Trails Society website.


  1. The feeling of exhilaration the first time you ride China Ridge’s Rail Trail
  2. The wonder of an owl swooping through the trees as you cross-country ski or snowshoe the trails on a cold winter night
  3. The delight in spying elk, “camouflaged” with dainty white spots
  4. The camaraderie you find over a picnic lunch at a China Loop Cookout
  5. Feeling like you’re the king of the world, overlooking the Tulameen River Valley from your misty lookout

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Hiking, China Ridge
Hiking, China Ridge


The beauty of China Ridge is that it’s easily accessible from Princeton (15-minute drive) but when on the trails, civilization feels like it could be hundreds of miles away. There’s a sense of calming when one is completely immersed in nature, and that sense is almost overwhelming at China Ridge. Experience the hike alone or with your travel group, and choose between a leisurely pace or a more challenging hike. However, take the time to really embrace your surroundings. Feel the chill of the valley early in the morning, listen to the animals chittering to one another, and gaze upon the majestic Coquihalla Range when you reach the top of the Ridge.

Biking, China Ridge Trails near Princeton
Biking, China Ridge Trails near Princeton

Mountain Biking

China Ridge isn’t just for hiking! Grab your favourite two-wheel transport and rip up to the Ridge for a mountain-sized workout. Mountain bikers will find the varied terrain of China Ridge refreshing as it possesses flat stretches for sprints or chilled riding, climbs to get those quads pumping, and downhills where you can let that fresh mountain air comb through your hair. Pack a picnic and a couple of cold ones for the summit, you should enjoy the view – plus, you’ve earned it.

Nordic skiing, China Ridge
Nordic skiing, China Ridge

Nordic Skiing

Beautiful in summer, China Ridge dazzles in winter. Bluebird sky days and dry, powdery snow create the perfect setting for family-friendly winter fun. Bundle up for the elements and grab your skinny skis and we’ll see you on the trails! Follow the freshly laid tracks of rabbits and the occasional wandering moose or make your own, the fun is up to you.

Dog Friendly

Another great thing about China Ridge is that it is dog friendly. Daytime or nighttime, under the bright winter sun or the light of a silvery moon, nothing beats skiing fresh tracks on new-fallen snow. It makes it even better when you can share the experience with mans best friend. There’s have 20 kilometres of K-9 trails, so bring your four-legged companion along to frolic in the snow, they’re sure to be delighted.

Open year-round, there’s always something happening at China Ridge Trails.