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Bromley Rock — A Cool Respite from the Hot Summer Sun

Located halfway between Princeton and Hedley, Bromley Rock Provincial Park is located just off of Highway 3 (watch for the signage), but when you’re down at the beach, you would think you’ve found a slice of wild, Canadian paradise. The Park’s namesake, a 50-foot rock that rises out of the river, is a remarkable sight to marvel at.

Bromley Rock is the ideal place to cool off during the Similkameen summer, as the Similkameen River’s flow relaxes here, allowing for visitors to enjoy the refreshing water by wading or swimming. There’s plenty of space on the beach, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of Canada and not at some exotic international retreat, BUT don’t forget that sunscreen while you’re daydreaming.

Always use caution in a river – as river flows change with the weather and seasons. If you’re of the more adventurous mind, swim across the river to get a better look at the 50-foot behemoth itself or explore the untouched forest behind it. You might also want to consider one of the Similkameen’s favourite pastimes, an innertube river float!

Top 10 Ways to Float Your Cares Away at Bromley Rock

  1. Splash in for a swim in Bromley’s deep river pools
  2. Snorkel your way to the river’s bottom, searching for knappable stones
  3. Follow your curiousity and freely explore the shores up, down, and across the river
  4. Float your care away drifting the Similkameen River
  5. Kayak the class I rapids just downstream from the park
  6. Taste the flavours of your childhood; tuck into a meal of hotdogs and roast marshmallows
  7. Cast and hand-tied fly into the river and see what’s biting
  8. Let the running river lull you to sleep, camping under a blanket of stars
  9. Play Frisbee with Fido on the warm sandy beach (Bromley’s dog friendly!)
  10. Watch nature’s air show as predator birds fish from the shore, parading their catch over the cool running waters

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Bromley Rock
Bromley Rock Beach Area

Don’t have much time? There’s a lovely grassy picnic area above the beach. Even taking half an hour for a lunch picnic is encouraged, you’ve got to fit this place in your plans!

You’ve got lots of time? Pitch a tent and stay awhile. Bromley Rock Campground offers 17 drive-in campsites and 19 picnic sites beneath a cooling canopy of Douglas fir and cottonwood trees. Imagine time spent along the shores of the river with the perfect vantage point to witness resident eagles fishing and flaunting their prey.

Bromley Rock has been a staple for local families and travellers alike for generations. Stop in here to find out for yourself why that is.

Bromley Rock
The place to be on a hot day
Bromley Rock
Sandy beach, Bromley Rock