Tips for News Centre

  1. Follow the form prompts
  2. For support contact: Shelby Campbell,
  3. Ensure you enter your contact information into the Article Content. The “Public Email Contact” box will only display an “email the author” link.
    News submission tips: Public email contact
  4. When entering your “Website URL” into the form, ensure the link starts with http:// or https:// . If it does not, the link will not connect to your web page.
    News submission tips: website url
  5. If entering a long URL into the Article Content, consider using the Link Text option instead of displaying the URL itself.
    News submission tips: tool bar

    • Highlight the URL in the text (ensure all URL’s include the http:// or https:// prefix)
    • Click Hyperlink button (chain icon)
    • Change the Link Text to desired value
    • Check the “Open in a new window/tab” box

    News submission tips: Insert/Edit link

  6. Uploading Images: Images must fit within the 200-4000 pixels range. If the image does not fit within the set parameters it will have to be resized before uploading. An image error will display the following message at the top of the page:
    News submission tips: image error
  7. Ensure each of your images has a meaningful title. The title will be displayed above the image when clicked to enlarge. The caption (optional) will be displayed on the article page under the thumbnail image. Alt Text is used by screen readers and search engines.