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Similkameen Valley Social Media Update

The Similkameen Valley website saw 2,162 sessions (up 27%) and 3,707 pageviews (up 1.8%) with 1,967 users reached (up 40.3%).

Overall the Similkameen social media channels earned a total of 27,208 impressions, and 580
engagements. It is expected that the numbers will continue to upwards now that the festive season is behind us.

The Top Performing Post on Facebook was a link to the Mountains page on the Similkameen Valley website with 1,159 people reached.

The Top Performing Tweet was regarding winter activities at Manning Park with 271 Impressions.

The Top Performing Instagram Posts were from user-generated content with 40 likes each.

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Similkameen Valley Road Trip and Social Media Campaign Update

In October, the digital team travelled down to the Similkameen for a day. The day was spent visiting local businesses, and taking photographs of the region from Cawston all the way to Coalmont. The goal of this trip was to capture fall colours and seasonal content to be used in promotional material both with imagery on the website and on social media.

The Road Trip video that they shot over the summer has now garnered almost 48,000 views and the blog content is performing exceptionally as well. Last month they launched a Facebook Ads Campaign promoting the Valley, and as a result, the page likes now stand at 1378, up from 608 in August. They will be launching an Instagram Ads campaign this coming month with the hope of generating similar results.

The engagement and conversations happening online are extremely promising and exhibiting rates much higher than industry-average. It appears the locals are proud to call the Similkameen home, and potential travellers are starting their inspirational process.

Similkameen Valley Video and Route 97 Blogs

In August a Route 97 partnership with SVPS and TOTA sent two members of the digital team on a road trip through the Similkameen Valley. Over the course of three days, they were able to capture some of the iconic experiences throughout the region from Cawston to Manning Park.

The goal of this project was to create video, photo, and blog content that would be used on the Route 97 website and social media platforms. They were able to capture approximately 160GB of footage throughout their time in the region, and you can look forward to lots of great content surfacing over the next few months.

The first video created about the trip has already garnered over 42,000 views and 450 shares, and has seen an amazing response from locals and potential travelers alike. Check out the links below and see what we’ve been doing. Make sure you follow Route 97 and SimilkameenBC on Facebook to stay up-to-date with new articles.

Local Similkameen businesses were also mentioned in these 7 on 97 articles.

You can also view the video on the Similkameen Valley Youtube Channel

Similkameen Valley Travel Experiences Guide Now Selling for 2017!

SVPS continues its partnership with Blackpress and TOTA with funding support from Destination BC to produce the 2017 Travel Experiences Guide, scheduled for publication April 2017!

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Similkameen Valley Social Media Statistics Continue to Grow

Similkameen Valley Social Media Statistics Continue to Grow

Our social media activity continues to grow through organic engagement with highlights being Facebook has increased by 62% over a one year period (April 2015 to April 2016); Instagram has increased 31% in the same period and Twitter has increased by 26% for followers. For Google + we have had a 52% in number of followers and 57% increase in the number of page views.

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Similkameen Valley Video Shoots

Similkameen Valley Video Shoots

In partnership with TOTA, videographer Seger Nelson and writer Niki Kennedy were on assignment throughout the Similkameen Valley Aug-9th – 12th to shoot video b-roll for both the Similkameen Valley digital marketing (social media and website) and the Route 97 digital campaigns to promote the Valley.

Watch for updates as the videos are released.

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You can contact us anytime for assistance via email to Shelby Campbell or call toll-free 1-800-567-2275.

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