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Evergreen Motel

Whether spending a weekend in Princeton or traveling through, we invite you to stay at our quiet, family owned and operated motel. We offer a variety of accommodations that will make your stay relaxing, comfortable and memorable. We have warm, clean rooms featuring large windows and outside chairs and tables to enjoy our outdoor experience. Take in the tall ponderosa pines, singing birds, resting deer and playful squirrels. You are welcome to walk around and enjoy our spacious grounds, picnic tables, barbecues, basketball hoop, pool and net for volleyball and badminton. Our rates are reasonable and we offer free WIFI and kitchenettes.

Evergreen Motel
Pets OK?
Outdoor Area

Picnic tables, BBQ, Basketball Hoop, Pool, Volleyball & Badminton Net

Internet Access
In-Room Wifi
In-Room Entertainment
Cable TV