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8 Instagram Worthy Sites to Visit in the Similkameen

Do you enjoy taking frame-worthy photos on vacation? Sharing your travel adventures on Instagram?

It can be fun to hang memories of your vacation on the wall when you get home…and for your followers to see new sights, get inspired, and learn a little something along the way.

The Similkameen Valley is carpeted with photo-worthy stops… from heritage sites to desert landscapes to rolling hills covered in orchards and vineyards.

Here are just a few of our favourite spots to capture the Similkameen Valley’s history and beauty.

Top Viewpoints Around the Similkameen Valley

There are so many reasons to visit the Similkameen Valley… and if you’re a shutterbug, you’ll find limitless sights to capture.

Here are our top eight…

1. Bronze Sculpture Walk

Princeton is the Bronze Sculpture Capital of Canada!

Take a meander around the main streets of this beautiful town and view the 22 Bronze sculptures highlighting the diverse wildlife Princeton has to offer. Pick up your guide at the Princeton Visitor Centre.

2. Red Ochre Bluffs

Situated on the territory of the Upper Similkameen Indian Band between Tulameen and
Princeton, these soaring ochre bluffs are one of the most dramatic landscapes in the valley.

If you’re walking the Similkameen Spirit Trail National Historic Site of Canada, you’ll get a glimpse of these beautiful ridges, which are sacred to the First Nations.

Note: Some sections of the Kettle Valley Rail Trail are closed near the Princeton area due to flooding damage in 2021. Contact the Princeton Visitor Centre for the latest information and, when you are there experience the Virtual Reality Room where you can kayak the Similkameen River and view the Red Ochre Bluffs.

3. Historic Hedley

Founded in 1900 as a nickel mining town, Hedley is ripe with Instagram worthy sites. Heritage homes dot the streets, and the natural landscape surrounding the town is inspiring.

Visit the cenotaph and see how the town honoured their residents who fought in both World Wars and pop into their museum to dive into the history of this resilient town.

And, but sure to chat with the locals… they are welcoming and have stories to share.

Cascade lookout

4. Cascade Lookout

If you’re visiting Manning Park, a trip to the Cascade Lookout is a must. Be sure to check at Manning Park Lodge, as the road to the lookout occasionally closes due to winter weather.

But, the drive will take you to an eyrie that delivers a panoramic view of the mountains, crystal clear lakes, and, if you’re there in the evening, some of the best stargazing you’ll ever find.

5. Cathedral Provincial Park

This glorious Provincial Park near Keremeos is chock-full of stunning 360-degree vistas, sapphire glacier lakes, rugged mountain peaks, and untamed wildlife and ecology.

Keep your camera ready… you might capture a mountain goat navigating the steep, rocky slopes or an Artic Ptarmigan soaring above your head.

You’ll probably need more than a day to take it all in…check out Cathedral Lakes Lodge for options.

6. The Grist Mill & Gardens

The Grist Mill is a history buff’s dream and an ideal spot to capture Instagram-worthy snaps.

The water-wheel flour mill is the last of its kind in British Columbia. It’s powered by the Keremeos River and takes you back in time. Slow down wander the sprawling gardens and the apple orchard that hosts over 20 heritage varieties.

Take in a cooking demonstration led by staff dressed in period costume… you’ll get a glimpse at the past surrounded by beauty.

7. Vineyard & Orchard Country

Driving through Keremeos – Fruit Stand Capital of Canada—and Cawston—Organic Farm Capital of Canada—you’ll be stunned by the scenery, no matter the time of year.

This fertile valley is rich with rows of vines, fruit trees and abundant vegetable gardens. Each season brings a different colour to the landscape, giving you Instagram-worthy photo ops at every turn in the road.

The area is dotted with interesting accommodation for every taste and budget. You’ll want to stay awhile once you dip into this part of the Similkameen Valley.

8. South Okanagan Grasslands

Part of the magic of the Similkameen Valley is the stark contrast as you travel west to east. In mere hours, you drive through lush rainforests and emerge in the desert.

The South Okanagan Grasslands is part of the BC Parks network and offers a glimpse at a desert landscape that hosts some of the country’s rarest species of plants and wildlife.

You’ll have to tread lightly, but the trip to this unique park—situated between Cawston and Chopaka—will be well worth the drive.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Whether you want to capture images of the meandering rivers, the dramatic mountains or the sites that bring our heritage to life, you’ll find Instagram-worthy images wherever you travel.

Want to learn more about visiting the Similkameen Valley? Learn more throughout our website or contact us. We look forward to welcoming you to our valley.

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