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Orchard Blossom Honey

2542 Upper Bench Rd, Keremeos, BC V0X 1N4, Canada
2542 Upper Bench Road Keremeos British Columbia V0X 1N4 CA
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The name Orchard Blossom is derived from the practice of placing beehives in the local orchards to assist in pollination of the fruit trees. Later, the beehives are moved to their summer homes, the hay meadows and desert-like areas of the Similkameen Valley where they collect nectar from various flowers and clovers giving our honey its distinctive flavours. During the summer season, our products are available throughout the Similkameen and Okanagan Valley.

Appointments recommended if you would like to visit us on site.

Mailing address: 2558 Upper Bench Rd., Keremeos B.C., Canada, V0X 1N4

Orchard Blossom Honey.jpg
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